What We Do!

It’s simple, we take two or more ordinary photos, then switch them around to make extraordinary pictures, or “Swipics”.  The technical term for what we do is compositing or photo composition. Compositing is when you combine two or more things, to create one special item.  After the compositing process is complete, Swipics can be used as artwork for invitations, photo enlargements, social posts, gifts, and more.  

Each Swipic is created by a professional designer using modern design software.  With a focus to ensure the very best quality possible, no shortcuts are taken with gimmicky apps.  Our goal is to make imagination come to life in pictures.   

Who Are Swipics For?

Swipics are for anyone with an imagination.  We’ve created artwork for birthday and wedding invitations, social posts, photo enlargements, mugs, calendars, advertisements, and just about anything else where less exciting photos are found.


Whether you’re planning to get photos done, or already have a favourite photo from 30 years ago, we can bring some excitement into your pics to share with family and friends.   Swipics also make  awesome wedding or anniversary gifts.


Have a themed party coming up and need invitations?  Want to do something more than boring old Valentine’s cards?  Or maybe your little bean has big aspirations that you’d like to help kickstart with a photo for the wall.  Swipics always stand out.


With the advent of digital cameras, photography has become more competitive than ever.  Swipics help photographers stand out by turning beautiful photography, into extraordinary pictures for their customers.   Swipics take your subjects and put them anywhere in the world, or beyond!


Swipics really are for everyone.  Have you ever imagined yourself standing somewhere exotic?  Selfies with sharks.  Groupies in space.  Even selfies with dinosaurs are possible with Swipics.  

Client Testimonials

Just a few nice comments from some of our favourite people.

I absolutely love it!  Thankyou so much!!!


OMG, this picture looks amazing.  I can’t wait to send out our invitations!


This is awesome!!  Thanks!


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(max file size 64 MB)

(max file size 64 MB)



Switch your pic with a Swipic purchase.  Using the options provided, you can upload up to two of your own images (one for foreground, one for background), or select from our own set of existing background images.   Swipics are always manually created by a designer to ensure the best quality image possible.

If you have an idea for a background you would like to use, but don’t have what you need available, contact us for options.  We can’t load all the photos we have, but we probably already have something you’ll love.

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for answers or feel free to reach out any time using our Contact Us page.

Pricing is in CDN funds and is subject to applicable taxes depending on location.  Swipics are provided digitally, so no additional shipping costs are applied.